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  • 7 August '14
  • Category, Toshiba

Mobility Solutions

Flexible, affordable options for local, campus-wide, multi-location or global mobility

Given the immediacy of business demands, you can’t be out of touch when away from your desk. Free your office desktop phone—with its associated privileges, preferences and features—to follow you anywhere within reach of an IP, cellular or wireless LAN connection. Even if the “office” is at home today, a conference center tomorrow, and a coffeehouse the next day, colleagues and customers can interact with you just as if you were in the office.

Off premise mobility. Use your Apple iOS and Android smartphone—or a voice-equipped laptop or notebook computer—as a Toshiba phone system extension. Give out only your office number; the system finds you on your portable device while concealing your mobile number. See the status of colleagues and enjoy the ease of visual voice mail, instant messaging and group instant messaging.

On premise mobility. Employees can take their desktop phone features with them as they attend meetings or attend to patients, stock the shelves or the production line, or as they resolve issues or prepare guest rooms. Going wireless in the facility is easier and more affordable than you might think. Toshiba offers a choice of options using a dedicated wireless network, your existing Wi-Fi® network or the Find/Me/Follow-Me feature with your cell phone.

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