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  • 7 August '14
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A cloud-based telephone solution delivers the benefits of modern IP business communications without requiring you to buy, install or maintain an on-site communications server (PBX). Phone service is said to be offered from the cloud, referring to the cloud-like shape often used to conceptually represent a service provider’s IP network.

The central intelligence of the phone system resides in a service provider’s secure data center. All you need to have on site are the end user devices (such as telephones and attendant consoles) and the local network gear to connect those devices to the provider’s IP network.

Whether you want to conserve capital, enjoy complete phone system flexibility, or simply free your IT talent for better things than running the office phone system, a cloud-based telephone solution can be very liberating—and surprisingly affordable.

Your users can program their own phone features, including buttons, speed dial numbers, voicemail forwarding and more, just as they would if the server were in your office. But unlike an on-site server, you don’t have to worry about system hosting, power protection, performance, maintenance or upgrades.

Moves and changes are all done for you, and you always benefit from the latest software and features. Your facilities manager or network administrator gets relevant reports about system configuration, management and performance.

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