Effortless Office

Effortless is primarily a solution-based DaaS provider, which includes quite a few ancillary services; however, being born from an MSP, we have experience other providers don’t.

A full suite of products only available through our partner program, including the cutting-edge DaaS service — Effortless Desktops, our advanced security — Effortless Defense (SECaaS), our hosted Wi-Fi Effortless Wi-Fi, and our encryption — Effortless Encrypt.

Fully Hosted Effortless Desktop is your private business cloud, specifically designed for small- and mid-sized businesses to help you reduce cost, increase productivity, gain access to all your applications and data from any device, all backed up with great support from USA-based experts 24 hours a day

Our ClearSky Environment allows for a clean, fresh start. This means that the migration, which our team takes care of for you, is not only fast, but productive.

With Effortless Defense, you go vastly beyond normal firewall, spam and virus-detection capabilities as we defend against current and emerging threats, targeted attacks, and zero day vulnerabilities.

With Effortless Wi-Fi, you can now deploy secure wireless solutions into a client’s premise with complete centralized control and management by the same Effortless support staff that maintains the Effortless Suite and Defense products.

Effortless Encrypt is a fast, easy, and simple was to send secure email to anyone with guaranteed secure replies and full content scanning of subject line, message and attachments, which guarantees that only the intended recipient can open the encrypted email.